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The OntoRail knowledge engine supports imports of ontologies in RDF/Turtle format. Where the source model is available in XMI format, a Python pre-processor has been developped to extract an ontology out of the XMI.

The general process of user-supplied ontologies is as follows:

  1. Fill-in the Ontology parameters
  2. Extract RDF statements
    1. Upload XMI or TTL file
    2. Extract RDF statements, generate TopLevel & OntoRail Glue
  3. Upload Ontology description file
  4. Load ontology into the knowledge graph
    1. Load Source Statements into OntoRail temporary graph
    2. Move Statements from tmp_import graph into Ontology graph
  5. There is no step 5, you're done!

Note: The import of user-supplied ontologies is a first release of the functionality and certain functionalities may still require support from an OntoRail administrator.